We’re restoring nature at planetary scale

We’re restoring nature at planetary scale

We help land stewards launch and finance high quality nature-based carbon projects

Earthshot’s just partnership model works on behalf of land stewards to get the strongest investment terms for their project, ensuring indigenous peoples and local communities receive the funds they deserve.

We founded Earthshot to restore humanity’s relationship with nature.

Ecological restoration is essential to address the climate and biodiversity crisis. We are regenerating land for the love of nature and for the people who steward land.

Regenerative Livelihoods

Human communities are part of the ecosystem, and multigenerational stewardship requires sustainable forest-based incomes.

Indigenous Land Agency

We intend for 100% of land that we acquire for carbon projects to be gifted back to original peoples.

We are bringing justice to carbon markets

We are bringing justice to carbon markets

Local communites and implementing partners are the most impacted by climate change and also the most under-resourced.

To restore the planet we need land stewards to have ample resources to earn dependable livelihoods from nature restoration for generations to come.

Earthshot makes sure carbon projects are financed on terms that get the most money possible to local communities and implementing partners, ensuring financial sustainability of the project.

Photo of one our projectPhoto of one our project
Photo of one our projectPhoto of one our project
For project proponents

We provide a tech-enabled service to support project proponents on their carbon development journey

Carbon projections

Accurate estimates of carbon outcomes incorporating implementing and natural risks.


Build robust financial models, assess investment structures and secure upfront finance.


Assess carbon rights compliance with national and international regulatory structures.


Assess project compliance with third-party standards.

Our support extends to:

Forest restoration (ARR) projectionsForest protection (REDD) projectionsRegulatory ComplianceCommunity EngagementImplementation Risk AnalysisAssessing investment structures Securing upfront financeRegulatory ComplianceImplementing guidanceHydrological benefitsCommunity benefitsBiodiveresity benefitsCost modeling
For investors

We connect investors to the highest quality projects in the world

We have a growing pipeline of premiere nature-based carbon projects comprising both Earthshot implemented and partner implemented projects seeking upfront finance for implementation and certification.

Earthshot supported projects prioritize native species and natural regeneration, working hand in hand with local peoples in areas of high biodiversity and ecosystem services value.

Map of our projects in the world
Forest Restoration (ARR) projects ranging from 500 ha to 10,000+ ha
Forest Conservation (REDD+) projects ranging from 10,000 ha to 100,000+ ha
Blue carbon projects coming soon
Science & Technology

We build software for ecological research and climate innovation.

Earthshot Labs is building an ecological simulator that forecasts the impact of land regeneration.

Open Science Ecological Simulator

Open Science Ecological Simulator

Our science team is part of a global network of experts building an open science platform for ecological simulation.



Carbon project development data, analysis and outputs all in one place.



Measure trees 10x faster and reduce project cost.